Decontaminate. process. dewater.

who we are

ZebraTube® dewatering tubes are manufactured from a uniquely developed woven geotextile and a dedicated production team who take the utmost care in producing our market leading dewatering and sediment separating bags.

ZebraTube® dewatering bags are ideal for large, medium and smaller dewatering and sludge removal projects.

These tried and tested tubes are able to dewater nearly any slurry that they are filled with.

Our Promise

ZebraTube® has its origins in manufacturing large dewatering bags for the deepest mines in the world. More than 2 decades of experience in retaining solids and percolating liquids through our woven geotextile bags. Our bags are designed and manufactured along with our experienced geotextile weavers and slurry separation teams to ensure the safety of those around as well as the excellent results that our dewatering bags achieve. ZebraTube® dewatering geotextile bags are ideal for any environmental remediation project.

ZebraTube®, in the industry

The ZebraTube® dewatering bags have been used in a myriad of applications and industries. Our flexibility to manufacture the dewatering bags to your dimensions have allowed ZebraTube® to be involved in numerous dewatering projects, amongst others;
– Wastewater Treatment
– Paper & Pulp
– Power Generation
– Mining & Mineral Processing