Decontaminate. Process. Dewater.

ZebraTube®, Dewatering Bags

ZebraTube® currently manufactures a wide variety of bag sizes. During the planning and specification phase of any project, our trained and experienced dewatering team is able work closely with the civil and dewatering project crews to ensure that the correct size bags are used and any bag-stacking considerations are factored in. Declines are not desirable, however we are able to offer a ZebraTube® bag for these applications. The decline should not exceeding 1 meter per 200 meters.

All our ZebraTubes® come with a simple and easy to use tag. This allows for complete traceability as well as a user guide to the contractor indicating various aspects to consider when pumping; such as filling height. Different size bags are strictly filled to differing heights. These heights are clearly marked on the bags. Flocculants are recommended and filling rates are to be advised.

Filling points are manufactured to 110mm diameter as a standard. However, ZebraTube® is able to accommodate various sizes for different applications. Our Dewatering tubes have been filled with numerous slurry-types and have been pumped for various applications. These range from mining and construction to sewage and waste water. The uses for our ZebraTube® dewatering bags are endless.

Customized  Bags

Here at ZebraTube® we stitch our uniquely woven geotextile with precision and care to arrive at the optimum dewatering bag for each project.  Given our consideration and passion for a cleaner and greener world, the utmost attention is given at every step of our manufacturing process.

our hands-on team

The ZebraTube® Team working closely with the civil crew to ensure that the project is completed timeously and that the dewatering bags are performing to the highest standard.

Seeing the zebra

Sewage or paper pulp, fly-ash or mine waste, they are no match for the ZebraTube®. As the bags begin to fill, you see clear water filtering through the geotextile, trapping the parched particles in the bag. The ZebraTube® represents the transition from dirty and contaminated slurry to a cleaner, more workable liquid.