Cost Effective Dewatering Solution for Landfill Liquid Waste Management

ZebraTube offers a unique solution to waste management for liquid waste before it reaches South Africa’s landfills

Why dewater waste before it goes to landfills in South Africa?

The South African Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries recently implemented a ban on all forms of liquid waste from landfill disposal. This new legislation requires an innovative and more sustainable approach to waste management at the point of production.

Why choose ZebraTube for your liquid waste disposal?

Fast, flexible and cost-effective dewatering

Zebratube®’s geotextile dewatering solutions offer a cost-effective means to dewater waste before landfill. We offer solutions for both large and small volumes of waste.

Zebratube® dewatering bags are manufactured from a uniquely developed woven geotextile and a dedicated production team who take the utmost care in producing our market leading dewatering and sediment separating bags. Dewatering bags can be used to effectively dewater and contain waste whilst recovering the filtrate. Filtration occurs through the percolation of liquid through the textile’s pores, as well as formation of a filter cake on the textile surface, which aids filtration.

Suited to all flowrates

Our small scale dewatering bags are well suited to the dewatering of smaller slurry flowrates or pilot trials for larger projects. We manufacture our small-scale dewatering bags in various configurations, including open top and closed top, as well as with funnels on either top, bottom or both. Our square dewatering come with forklift handles as a standard, allowing for easy handling and transport of the dewatered material.

We also manufacture large tubular dewatering bags which are well-suited to large flowrates and once-off desludging projects.

Locally Manufactured

Zebratube® products are designed and manufactured in South Africa. Our dewatering bags are manufactured to SABS and CE standards and every roll of geotextile is put through a stringent testing process. All our dewatering bags are inspected at numerous points throughout the manufacturing process so as to ensure the best possible quality is delivered to our customers.

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