Dewatering equipment too expensive? ZebraTube offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative.

Zebratube® offers a fast, flexible and cost-effective alternative to mechanical dewatering equipment. Our innovative composite geotextile dewatering bags are able to dewater ultra-fine particles without the need for the addition of a flocculant or any other filter aids.

Cost-effective dewatering of ultra-fines

The effective dewatering of ultra-fine materials has posed an ongoing challenge for the mining industry.  Until now, the use of flocculant was required to ensure sufficient solids retention and good filtrate quality in cases where a slurry feed’s particle size distribution contained more than 30% of particles below 10 µm. Zebratube® recognised the need for a dewatering bag that would retain ultra-fines without the additional operating and capital cost-implications associated with the addition of flocculation and developed an innovative new product to address this need. Our dewatering bags can be used both on surface as well as on underground applications.

Advantages of geotextile dewatering bags:
  • Dewatering of ultra-fines without the need for flocculant addition.
  • Rapid dewatering of large sludge volumes within a short period.
  • The ability to easily scale the dewatering process in line with dredging volumes.
  • Minimally skilled labour required.
  • Stackability of tubes enables efficient usage of the laydown area, reducing the overall footprint required.
  • Permanent containment of the dewatered material is possible, whilst removal and disposal of the dewatered material are easy and cost-effective.
  • The filtrate can be captured, allowing for containment, recycling and re-use.
About ZebraTube

Zebratube® has its origins in the manufacturing of large dewatering bags for some of the deepest mines in the world. We have more than two decades of experience in retaining solids and percolating liquids through our woven geotextile bags. Zebratube® products are designed and manufactured in South Africa. Our geotextiles are produced and woven locally by experienced weavers and thereafter converted to dewatering bags. Our complete control over the manufacturing process allows for design flexibility and speed of delivery. Each roll of geotextile goes through a comprehensive set of tests at our factory to ensure absolute quality and traceability.

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