Dewatering Bag Support Stand

Eliminate dewatering inefficiencies when using our small-scale dewatering bags and ensure easy handling of the dewatered material.

Zebratube®’s small-scale geotextile dewatering bags require support under pumping conditions to ensure the bag remains upright and fully extended. An unsupported bag means inefficient use of the overall geotextile filtration area, reduction in containment volume and leads to losses in dewatering efficiency.

Zebratube® offers a bespoke support stand tailored to the specific requirements our geotextile dewatering bags. We offer support stands in sizes to support both our 1 m³ and 2.5 m³ square bag sizes. 

Key Features
A Forklift friendly and robust design with a removable lid to lift the filled bag for easy removal and disposal of the dewatered material.
B The dewatering bag is hooked onto the removable lid using a D-shackle. This method ensures that the bag remains secured during pumping and transport, whilst still enabling easy removal of the filled bag from the frame.
C The bag sits on top of a drip tray covered with FRP grating. The FRP grating allows for drainage to occur from the bottom of the bag, ensuring efficient use of the overall filtration area available. The total filtrate volume is captured in the drip tray, eliminating filtrate losses.
D The removable lid easily slots onto the frame by means of a pin seated into the frame.
E The drip tray is slanted towards a drainage point. Piping can be connected to the drainage point, allowing for filtrate to be channeled to an appropriate catchment or discharge point. The drainage point comes standard as a 50NB/2” BSP threaded socket, but can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
Benefits OF USING ZEBRATUBE® bespoke support stands for our dewatering bags
  • Innovative design tailored specifically to Zebratube® geotextile dewatering bags.
  • Forklift-friendly design, enabling easy handling of the dewatered material using a forklift.
  • The dewatering bag is fully supported under pumping conditions, enabling efficient use of the full bag volume and eliminating dewatering inefficiencies
  • The total filtrate volume is captured in the drip tray, reducing losses.

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