Flocculants & Coagulants

The ZebraFloc® brand was borne out of the need to ensure that our Zebratube® geotextile dewatering bags operate at optimal efficiency when utilising filter aids such as flocculants and coaguants tailored to each specific application.


Flocculation is a process where suspended particles are forced to agglomerate through the addition of a clarifying chemical called flocculant. The agglomerated particles formed during the addition of flocculant is typically called ‘flocs’. Once a flocculant is added particle size gradually increases as these ‘flocs’ forms which in turn aids in dewatering by increasing drainage efficiency and solids retention. Initially flocs are quite small and are called microflocs. As these microflocs collide during gentle mixing they bond to produce larger, visible flocs called pinflocs.

To prevent formed flocs from tearing apart or shearing, mixing must remain gentle whilst still allowing sufficient mixing and retention time to allow floc to form and grow.

When utilising a flocculant together with Zebratube® geotextile dewatering bags the flocculant is dosed inline on the delivery side of the pump or dredger. To allow for sufficient mixing and retention time, we recommend the addition of at least four 90 degree bends  or 3 to 4 baffles inside the pipe after the flocculant injection point.



In some applications, a coagulant is used in conjunction with a flocculant to strengthen flocs and to add weight in order to increase the settling rate inside the dewatering bag.

ZebraFloc® Products and Services

ZebraFloc® offers the following value-adding products and services:

  • A wide range of powder, emulsion and liquid solution flocculants and coagulants
  • Flocculant screening testwork in conjunction with our geotextiles to ensure optimum dewatering efficiency
  • Rental and supply of flocculant dosing and flocculant make-up equipment

Expert advice and on-site assistance from our technical team, ensuring flocculant dosing is optimised and accurately controlled.

ZebraFloc® enables efficient dewatering of fines and difficult-to-dewater organic materials.

When combining Zebratube® geotextile dewatering bags and ZebraFloc flocculants we enable:

“Fast, Flexible and Cost-effective dewatering”

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