Small-Scale Dewatering Bags

Zebratube®’s small-scale dewatering bags are manufactured from an engineered woven geotextile that enables retention of solids within the bag whilst filtrate percolates through the geotextile.

Our small-scale square bags are perfect for the dewatering and containment of smaller sludge volumes on a continuous basis.

Our square dewatering bags are fitted with forklift handles, enabling easy handling of the dewatered material.

Process Flow
1 Feeding the bags

Slurry is fed to the bag either by pumping the material or via gravity drainage.

2 Addition of flocculant

In some cases the slurry has to be conditioned through the addition of a flocculating agent. Particles agglomerate allowing for retention of fines and increased dewatering efficiency.

3 Settling and Dewatering

Solid particles settle inside the bag allowing the formation of a filter cake on the surface of the geotextile. The filter cake enhances filtration efficiency, allowing clear filtrate to percolate through the geotextile. Filtrate can be captured and re-used.

4 Removal of dry material

Our unique small-scale square bags come with forklift handles, allowing easy removal and transport of the dewatered material within the bag.


Zebratube® geotextile dewatering bags offer the following benefits in comparison with conventional dewatering equipment:

  • Easy handling and disposal of the dewatered material.
  • Cost-effective dewatering on a small scale when compared with mechanical dewatering equipment.
  • The ability to easily scale the dewatering process in line with production requirements.
  • Minimal skilled labour required, with low labour requirements overall.
  • Simple auxiliary equipment required, with minimal maintenance requirements and low energy usage.
  • Filtrate can be captured, allowing for containment, recycling and re-use.

Our small-scale dewatering bags are perfectly suited for the dewatering and containment of waste in the following sectors:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Food and Beverage
  • Small-scale water and wastewater treatment
  • Golf courses
  • Residential estates

Open top

Allows for easy access to dewatered material

Visual inspection of dewatering is possible

Closed top with inlet funnel

Ability to fill the bag to total capacity

Limits spillage of material

Bottom discharge

Bottom discharge allows for easy removal of the dewatered material

Novel tie-down of the bottom discharge creates a flat surface for transport on a truck

Open with duffel top

Easy access to dewatered material

Closure possible by closing off duffel top once dewatering is complete.

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